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A Memoir by Shoba Rao

When cancer strikes, the same body that you trusted has produced cells that are ready to kill you. The horrors of chemo, surgery, hospitalization, and everything that is thrown at you with the aim of making you better, breaks you physically and mentally. It would be so amazing if you were cured and never got it again. Unfortunately, that is not a guarantee anyone can make. But should that stop you from living?

In My Race Against Death Shoba Rao shares the most important lesson she has learned as a three-time cancer survivor and a kidney transplant recipient: You are not your disease. It does not define your life, rather it reminds you to live life to the fullest extent.

This book is for all patients who would hopefully gain some insight on how to tackle a disease like cancer both physically and emotionally. It’s also for family and friends looking for advice on how to best support their loved ones through this journey.

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Cancer Survivor Shoba Rao's Marathon Race Against Death

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Shoba Rao

Feb 08, 2023, 11:59 ET

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Even casual sports fans are aware of an annual event when Major League Baseball hosts Stand Up To Cancer. The play on the field stops briefly and almost every person in the ballpark stands up holding a placard honoring someone in their life dealing with the scourge disease or the memory of someone who has passed. It is a broad sponsorship effort that has raised $746 million for coordinated and innovative research. The campaign's sponsored research has led to nine new FDA-approved cancer treatments.


Yes, there is hope.

My Story

Shoba is a three-time cancer survivor and a kidney transplant recipient. The idea of this book originated when many friends came to her seeking for advice when a loved one or a friend got afflicted with cancer or any other major disease. Her passion to serve the community inspired her to write this book with the hope of helping others.
She is a Distinguished Toastmaster and often shares her life journey in various speeches, focusing on inspirational speeches with a humorous touch. She is passionate about mentoring others and conducts workshops on many subjects.

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"Shoba Rao offers an honest appraisal of a lifetime's worth of experiences that enabled her to overcome several significant health crises with a sense of wisdom from which we can all benefit. Her courage and determination as she faced these struggles serve as a reference guide for the uncertainties that we will each face throughout our lives."


CORRIE PAINTER, Cancer survivor, Scientist and Advocate for cancer research

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